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Max Shymkiv
Website development with the help of marketing and UX analytics.
Creation of a strategy, thoughtful design, site support
My name is Max, I'm a UX/UI designer
Graduated from school of website development and Restart Academy design.
Then I started studying marketing, UX and UI.

I found a business that gets me out of bed every morning, I get high from what I do, I see endless development, conquer peaks, get inspired by the best and strive for them.

I am 23 years old, I love traveling, cars,
electronics and minimalism.
About me
turnkey websites
Satisfied customers
Missed deadlines
What do you get?
Conversion site
One of the stages of almost every project is the study of the interests of your potential customers. This helps to give the right answers to the visitor's questions that prevent them from making a purchase.
Marketing Analysis
I will study your competitors, they have most likely been on the market for a long time, and found working strategies, I will see what touchpoints they use with the client, this will help me understand how to make you the best in the market.
Development strategy
When all the data is collected, it's time to create the site structure. I create it according to the AIDA system, then it’s up to the design, in which you need to correctly place accents and create the right atmosphere.
ux/ui design project ux/ui design project ux/ui design project ux/ui design project ux/ui design project ux/ui design project
I will pack your business
Development of sites from scratch on a turnkey basis, with the creation of an identity, thinking over a strategy, a prototype, a logical and convenient website interface, a hook on customer trigger points that prevent them from placing an order
I will design for the project
If for some reason the tilde does not suit you, then I will make you a design on Figma, for further layout
the key to development is to improve yourself every day
my skills
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