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Max Shymkiv
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About me
My name is Max, I'm a web designer.
Graduated from Restart Academy website design and development school in 2020. After actively studying marketing, and creating an interface for UX / UI.
I found a business that gets me out of bed every morning, I get high from what I do, I see endless development, I conquer peaks, I am inspired by the best and strive for them.
I am 24 years old, I love travel, cars, nature walks, and minimalism.
What do you get?
Working strategy
I will study your competitors, they have most likely been on the market for a long time, and found working strategies, I will see what touch points they use with the client, this will help me understand how to make you the best in the market.
Modern design
One of the stages of almost every project is the study of the interests of your potential customers. This helps to give the right answers to the visitor's questions that prevent them from making a purchase.
When all the data is collected, it's time to create the site structure. I create it according to the AIDA system, then it’s up to the design, in which you need to correctly place accents and create the right atmosphere.
Toyota Yaris Cross
A site for journalists who are testing a new car model from Toyota
Online store that sells building materials
Flowers to the sky
Online store, mourning floristry, the task was to make the site not in mourning style
very soon there will be a new super project
Corporate website for the House of Culture of the city of Mytishchi
stages of work
Let's call or have a correspondence, I will ask key questions so as not to disturb you after every little thing, we will define goals.
Marketing Analysis
I will analyze competitors. I will work out the pains, goals, fears and desires of your potential customers that prevent them from making a purchase.
Structure creation
Based on the information received, I will make a prototype, with a map of the client's actions, the order of the blocks, and the approximate location of the content.
I choose fonts, colors, style, make the first 2-3 screens, and present the direction for approval.
Layout on Tilda
I make layout on Tilda, adapt to all extensions, connect forms, payment systems, domain, ssl certificate, Basic SEO, website launch.
30 min
1-2 days
1-2 days
2-4 days
2-4 days
Do you work on a prepaid basis?
Yes, I work on an advance payment of 50%. This is so that I can be sure that you are interested in cooperating with me, and could be fully involved in your project.
What if there are no texts and photos for the site?
I make websites on a turnkey basis, with the search for photos both on free and paid resources, I also do copywriting and write selling texts for the site. If you need a turnkey website, then the price that I will indicate to you already includes both copyright and my purchase of photos for the site.
How many edits can be made?
For each stage, 2 rows of edits are allocated (meaning not two edits, it can be a whole list of changes), namely:
· Development of a prototype - 2 series of edits;
· Design - 2 rows of edits;
· Adaptation - 2 rows of edits;
· Nesting on Tilda - 2 rows of edits.
Are you working on urgent projects?
Yes, if you have an urgent project, I will first get acquainted with it, and if I am sure that I will have time, I will be happy to cooperate.
Can you guarantee a conversion?
No, because in addition to creating a site, advertising can affect the conversion. If the targetologist does not set up ads of high quality, and not your potential client comes to the site, then no matter how cool the site is, if a person does not need your services, he will not buy them.
Why Tilde?
Tilda is the №1 platform among competitors, on which you can implement up to 90% of projects.
If the tilde is not suitable for you as a platform, I can offer you to make a site layout on Figma so that your developers can make it on a CMS that suits your needs.
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